I grew up in postwar Britain without much excitement until soon after my 21st birthday, when I met my future husband, an American with a lust for travel. Together, we’ve traveled extensively through Europe and North Africa, and most recently to India. Professionally, I was a telecommunications business analyst, now retired.In addition to travel blogging, I write short stories and personal memoirs. In 2018, I suddenly lost 80% of my hearing in both ears, while on an Indian overnight train ride.  The blog now includes my experience of hearing loss, particularly difficult in noisy India.

6 thoughts on “About

  1. Bobby & Gerard, Bon Voyage for your trip back home, I need your email address so I can send you pictures! Loves spending Christmas with you and look forward to staying in touch, 🙂 Uschi


  2. relly enjoyed your last 2 enterys im in my bedroom office it is below zero outside and it great to hear the stories and see photos…great xmas this year althou we all got sick the day after ,, also ive got a kick out of bobbys more personal obsevations …did g. do the painting there? best to you both david and ann


  3. hello! Do you remember us? We were the Birkenstock family in the restaurant in Hampi! My daughter is flying out to India next week, I,ve sent her your blog, maybe she’ll ask you a question or two! I’m glad you’re back, I wish I was there too! Frances


  4. hello there i was wondering if there is anyway i can contact you regarding using one of you photos for a logo for my business please contact me soon


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