Bhedaghat – Rivers, Waterfalls….”and they had a Swimming Pool!”

Bhedaghat is a nondescript small town, but a popular Indian sightseeing spot for two reasons:  sits beside a river cutting through a white marble gorge. But the biggest draw is a very impressive waterfall, especially now during the dry season. 
Hotel Marble Rock

After viewing a decidedly grubby hotel with larger than life pictures of Osho in the lobby, it’s not a hard decision for me to agree to indulge in the more expensive option.  After an unexpectedly taxing day of travel, we deserve a night of relative luxury.  And the hotel, already with standards of cleanliness, comfort and service beyond our usual experience, also boasted a pretty garden complete with a swimming pool!  The unheated water was a little cool but I had to take advantage. 
Uncharacteristically, we enjoyed hanging around the hotel and its lovely garden overlooking the marble gorge as much as exploring the town. And the restauarant was of the same quality. Comfortable bed, endless supply of hot water, soft pillow and a delicious dinner was savoured!  During the night everyone was shocked by a passing thunderstorm. It was so strange to see the garden dripping with rain in the morning. Little did we know that this storm would follow us to Varanasi.
The next morning, we walked down to the waterfalls, and it exceeded expectations. I loved the power of the rushing water, the heavy mist wafting through the air – it was like a miniature Niagra Falls.  We both imagined what a sight it would be after the monsoon.
Going down to the ghat, we joined a couple of Indian business men take a short boat ride through the gorge.  Then it was time to leave our the seduction of expensive hotels with beautiful vistas and head back down to Jabalpurto catch the afternoon train to Varanasi.   Bhedaghat was all about water…

2 thoughts on “Bhedaghat – Rivers, Waterfalls….”and they had a Swimming Pool!”

  1. Just checking in to see where your Indian travels are taking you this year. I always enjoy your photos and stories of the interesting people who cross your path.Maybe next year, you'll find yourself in Ongole? We'd love to host you here.Also, with time, we will probably find ourselves wanting to take a week away from our work at the orphan home to explore another part of India. Maybe we can pick your brain for a relaxing destination?Love,Tisra and the crew 🙂


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