Monkeying Around at the Beach

The last couple of days we’ve had wind and high surf.  It’s hard to swim but we have fun catching the waves.ImageTwo weeks before we go, I’m enjoying every minute we have.

ImageAgonda’s a great place to try so spot exotic birds. Without effort we can hear their beautiful songs. But actually seeing them is much more difficult.


ImageMore visible are the black-faced lemursthat sit in the trees eating leaves.visible are the black-faced monkeys that sit in the trees eating leaves.



Georges, a serious birdwatcher has been coming here from Brittany every winter for 18 years. He shares his photographs and knowledge with anyone who shows the slightest bit of interest.

ImageOnce a week we ride the crowded rickety bus to Chowdy, for the local market. Fresh vegetables and spices abound. 


Devanshu puts in a little more meditation in the early morning before leaving Agonda. There’s achance that our paths may cross again in Darjeeling in March.


6 thoughts on “Monkeying Around at the Beach

  1. Your photos and words are BEAUTIFUL and enticing. We have just had 29 inches of snow and you missed it (I would say you are more than fortunate)! Thinking of you ~ Nancy


  2. I am in love with those little birds of many colors. In Key west with wende. beautiful here. Be careful in those waves! Love to you both. Susan


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