The Shoe Finally Drops…

After six years of traveling in India with no real problems, a little bit of our luck has finally run out. Last night our computer was stolen. We’ve been leaving the door open because of the heat, and a sense of security – with a mosquito net and chair over the door.  Inspite of both of us being light sleepers the culprit managed to stealthily remove the chair and net and enter the room without waking us.  The background noise of the ocean was in his favor.  So from this point forward it will be more tedious for us to always write in a cyber cafe.  But we will stay in touch  The sun still shines and the water sparkles. 

9 thoughts on “The Shoe Finally Drops…

  1. I am really sorry for you ! You probably feel rather strange now. I remember years ago iin Sri Lanka, while visiting a temple my shoes were stolen. I had to walk barefoot on the road and streets for quite a while until I found a shop. The whole landscape was dull for a while !


  2. a scary sense of violation in that it was such an intimate robbery, with you both ‘in harm’s way’, so to speak…..sorry for that clouding of the experience and for the loss of your freedom of sharing….I know it was not a big $$$ loss, but certainly puts a crimp on the wonderful words and images that you have so generously bestowed on us….thinking of you two and wishing you well..


  3. So sorry Bobby – however that happens everywhere, Clinton’s truck was stolen right in our own neighbourhood. You don’t have to be traveling to run into thugs, you just have to have the karma with them. Too bad the bug netting didn’t deter them. I hope you might be able to pick up something cheap and continue your blog. Your audience is depending on you! Lots of love.


  4. Hi Bobby and Gerard, Thank goodness all he wanted was the computer, so glad you are both alright! Such a shame as so many of us are enjoying your blog and photos as much as it is obvious you enjoy writing and sending. Think of the silver lining as more time at the beach! xoxo Jane


  5. What a drag!
    Now try not to be the sleuth, and recover it. Totally a bummer. You can blog about how you find a cyber cafe! The whole thing is just disappointing I guess you will stay home next year. Our love and best wishes for an amazing completion of your travels. Love to you both, big hugs, Jackie and Bruno xxxx


  6. Hi Roberta,
    Bummer. I am so happy that nothing happened to you personally. As hard as it is to lose your computer, the trip still looks amazing! Have fun while we are shoveling snow.


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