The Season Must End

In disbelief the young Ukranian couple watch on computer, snipers firing at protesters in Kiev; tonight they’ll celebrate a friend’s birthday with vodka and balloons

Tibetan prayer flags flutter in the breeze as Frederic sits writing in a corner to make sense of his shattered life


Another year English Jerry and Tessa walk the beach, the cure for his cancer is beyond their reach

Liam and Lara who met on the Pilgrim Walk in Spain have left for Hampi; bulldozers are systematically destroying the bazaar turning Hampi into a fossil


Playboy Tony escapes the bone-chilling Greek winter and hopes for love as his prospects grow thinner


Ralph the guitarist from Germany sets up for his weekly fusion session, while the perfectly poised yogis chant “Om Mani Padme Hum”


After three years in Agonda Christina sees her mother’s Alzheimers abate; she walks watching the sunset until late


The old German couple walk on the water’s edge soothing his gout-swollen feet; Indian tourists float fully clothed on the rising tide


Yogi god and goddess in the form of Barbie and Ken dream of giving birth to a baby in full Lotus position

Two Italians, Rotisserie Man rotating for the perfect tan, 80-year-old ‘Boom’ starts his day with rum and coke; will we see you next year, we hope


Marion, an attractive young traveler widens her world and narrows her bed, protecting her bohemian lifestyle


All nationalities gather on the beach to contemplate the setting sun, some practice yoga in Masala style, some sit in painful style, some meditate in Enlightened style, a few sit in no known style

Footprints in the sand: crows, crabs, dogs, humans, horses crisscrossing again and again. The tide removes all traces.


In this community by the sea, relationships are formed with urgency

How long can they last?

People come, people go; some like Jonny never came at all

But as sure as the rising of the tide and setting of the sun

So too the season now is done


6 thoughts on “The Season Must End

  1. Safe travels! You are coming home to WINTER, be prepared or hopefully you can rebook and stay at the beach awhile longer. Love the last photo! Xoxo. Jane


  2. Safe travels home to both of you! We have enjoyed reading of your exploits this year, Bobby, and love Gerard’s photos. Thank you!!! xoxo


  3. Dear Bobby and Gerard, poetry and longing are drenched with humor . Thank you for bringing the other side of the world to us.
    Enjoy your return home, your home is so beautiful, love Jackie


  4. Beautifully written. You are such a talented writer Bobby. We will miss your emails. Looks like such a gorgeous place. We hope to meet you guys there one day. Happy travels. Love Barb and Jim


  5. Well, its 26 degrees and feels like 15 degrees. The story advertised on the today is Will It Ever Be Warm Again? But we here in New England dont talk about the weather anymore. Not directly. We say, Wonder where the Wiggins are or Wonder what the Wiggins are doing or we think about the beach on Goa (Although, I think theyve left Goa. But that doesnt really matter.). Farmers in New Hampshire dont dream about Florida anymore. They dream about the Wiggins. Even in Maine the conversation goes like this, Sad thing about the computer, ay. or What about that Russian girl, ay? Up in French Canada, they may be talking about that Frederick guy? Of course we can walk on the beach, but whats the use:

    I mean its ocean and sand just like Goa. Thats what I tell myself. Actually, we havent gotten a blog from Roberta and Gerard for a while. were worried about them. Not for their sake, but for the sake of the rest of the world. The cold world anyway. In the new dictionary, Wiggins means warm. Never mind that they usually keep their house at 45 degrees in summer. (How do they do that, anyway???) Because it is warm wherever they are and they dont have to turn on the heat. And then theres the other thing. Every foreign traveler in India is on the lookout for them so they can tell their story. They know this guy Gerard will listen to anyone. For free! They rehearse it to themselves so that theyll be ready when they see them. Over here. Wiggins! Listen to this. So, guys, get that keyboard going. Were waiting. The world is waiting. Its 6 degrees and feels like minus 2 .


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