Stopover in Mumbai


Mumbai has never been a destination for us – too noisy, too big, too expensive – although we’ve enjoyed seeing the CST and Churchgate train stations and all of the other Raj style architecture in the area. Last year we attended a five-day meditation retreat in Mumbai and became good friends with the family who organized the retreat. Even though we didn’t make the retreat this year they invited us to stop as we passed through on our way from Goa to Varanasi. They live in one of the new towers mushrooming in central Mumbai.


We arrived Friday night and our host was free over the weekend to ferry us around showing us some very interesting areas of Mumbai we probably would never have seen on our own: upscale Colaba, once a Parsi neighborhood with Victorian homes that have colorful stained glass windows and verandahs covered with flowering vines;


reliance hous

The most expensive residence in the world owned by one of the Reliance brothers. Estimated to be worth more than $1b, it boasts a cinema, swimming pools helicopter pad, gardens and lotus pools and a beautiful Krishna temple – but the exterior leaves much to be desired.

…and nearby Chowpatty Beach


We passed by a small café engulfed by a banyan DSC_0780

From the Hanging Gardens, designed by the British on top of a water tank, we could see the “Queens Necklace” – the circular bay lit up with its string of streetlights. It all looks much better at night. Our final stop was the best kulfi shop in town.


But best of all was the family. We love traveling and enjoy each other’s company but it is wonderful to be included in such a loving family.


4 thoughts on “Stopover in Mumbai

  1. Hi You Two, It’s been so busy here and I haven’t responded yet to your email so sorry! I saw your post today about coming to Varanasi, so I hope we can connect while you are here. I’ve shifted to Assi ghat with Baby Varun, so perhaps we can meet up for a pizza here? Do you still have the same mobile #?


  2. Hi Gerrard and Bobby

    Looks good …

    After spending a week trying to change flight dates in Agonda with no success I went to Panjim on the bus …..incorrectly thinking the 6.30 bus was not direct .Chowdi to Margot involved standing and having to listen to techno music blasting in my ears .All sorted and flying to Delhi tomorrow .Now told swine flu is rampant in Rajasthan so you might want to check that out yourselves .So what to do ?Three weeks in Delhi thanks …Nepal too cold .What do you suggest?Am in India till 26th March

    And I was developing a fondness for pigs too ( Don’t ever start a sentence with And …I was told.)

    Last night there was a tremendous thunderstorm ..lightening and a a real racket .Some people in the guesthouse had booked their taxi for exactly the time it started .A shack it seemed was hit .The dangers of being in India …driving at 3am in that ,flying or swine flu plus the rest

    Hope you are both OK and relishing the dirt of Varanasi and the atmosphere



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  3. one of my favorats ,i like the conversations ..funny how every one in india or florida for that matter ..asumes that every one in the north is green with envy afer the folks in the south my friends is not quite that simple ..but enjoy while you can ..your loving bro,david ps always look forward to your shares ..why cant we do it in new england??


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