A Peaceful Mountain Respite

If Bhaktapur is the most exotic place we’ve travelled, then Bandipur is the most idyllic. The only fly in the ointment was the mountains weren’t clear. But the flowers in bloom made up for it.

It’s rare that a place is even better on the second visit. Our guesthouse has an excellent view of the valley below on a clear day.

The town center has a Mediterranean feel. The stone-paved plaza is entered down several steps, so there is no traffic, not even a motorbike.

The peace and quiet is more than welcome . Even the dogs rarely bark, only the sounds of birds and school children break the silence . Bliss for me—I can actually follow a conversation again.

The center of town has scarcely changed since our first visit. Though Bandipur is geared toward tourists, they haven’t yet come in droves yet. Day trippers arrive for a few hours on private buses from Pokhara, and a few paragliders hang silently in the sky.

The locals are still welcoming and greet us with naamaste and a warm smile. The service couldn’t be better.

An old building at the end of the square has been beautifully restored in the traditional style and can be enjoyed for a mere $100/night.

On a walk outside of town, more beautiful houses and flowers

We have been in Nepal for three weeks and hadn’t seen the snow-capped mountains until this morning. After a night’s rain, in the early morning our rooftop gave us a grand view.

It’s not easy to get to Bandipur, but it’s well worth the effort.

10 thoughts on “A Peaceful Mountain Respite

  1. Salut mes amis ✌🏾💕🙏🏽🥰 Sooo good to know your trip to this beautiful part of the World 🌍 is treating you very well. Great photos !!! Quiet time, birds and children’s voices in the air , Gracias 🙏🏽 ❤️.


  2. All looks amazing. I’m intrigued to know what kind of meal is served in those lovely looking cafes. please can you post a picture? It’s so nice to watch your travels, best wishes, Frances


  3. Beautiful photos and commentary as usual. You two are so fortunate to be together after all these years and to be able to enjoy travelling to your favourite places. Blessings abound – enjoy!


  4. Thanks for this! I’ve added it to my itinerary as an alternative to the touristy wackiness of Pokhara. Have fun, safe travels🙂


  5. How idyllic!! I know that each day is a new memory, added to the chapters of the past…I hope you are both well….next week the annual Learnquest Musical Conference takes place…I am going for Friday night and all day Saturday…unfortunately no Dhrupad artists…still, looking forward to being bathed in the music….best to you both


  6. Hi, funny story! I had commented on your earlier blogs and they weren’t sending. Just realized you have to sign up on WordPress first. I’m such a looser!


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