A Last glimpse and farewell to Varanasi


On our last morning, we managed to get up early to walk on the ghat at first light. Late night concerts, sickness, or just pure laziness had prevented us from enjoying my favorite time in Varanasi. The sun just rising, the air cool and fresh, and lots of activity.  I was so pleased to be feeling well again and out on the ghats.









Even though respiratory and intestinal infections are common in Varanasi, our small circle showed their concern and Sanjiv our, hotel manager, worried over us.  Over the years, he’s become friend and confidant, making it harder to say goodbye each year.

Old and new friends alike gave us a heartfelt farewell. I did a last errand through the neigbhorhood lane where the pharmacist, cookie lady, restaurant owner, travel agent all called out goodbye. Frederic came and ate with us, Helene and Remy dropped by our hotel as we were leaving and Premgit and Sandhya came to the door to see us off.


6 thoughts on “A Last glimpse and farewell to Varanasi

  1. Hello B&G💕
    I’m glad you’re feeling better and felt the people around you paying attention to your well being. Beautiful shots of Varasi on you walk! Hoping you have a much easier journey as you continue your journeys. ❤️🌟🙏😉


  2. Hello Roberta, So glad you are feeling better. I didn’t realize that you’d been I’ll. I must have missed a posting or two. I have been overwhelmed by preparing for my upcoming hip replacement which is March 12th. I’ m going to go back and find the overlooked posts.

    We are recovering from our latest nor’easter. There is still concern over the impact of the next high tides, both on coastal towns and downtown Boston. We had wind gusts of 68 mph in Boston yesterday and 90 on the Cape and Islands.

    Not sure if you’ve heard that Vicki Z is putting her place on the market and moving into the Colonnade. Constance’s friend Anne is selling her adorable house in Bay Village and will be based at her place in the Catskills. Changes, changes.

    Hope you continue to feel well. Love to you and Gerard, Vicki


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