A Walk in the Countryside

Our friends have left and we’ve decided to stay longer because of inclement weather up north. It still amazes me how we continue to meet interesting people as we travel. With little effort, we really connected with these two couples. Without the temptation of spending half the day in the chai shop chatting, we have more time to work on our writing. We trade the laptop back and forth and Gerard has made good headway on his story. One late afternoon, I went out and walked through golden wheatfields, passed smiling women and children and finally, just as the light was fading, came to a small but colorful temple, perched on a ridge. The longer we’re here the more walks we discover.fullsizeoutput_449








7 thoughts on “A Walk in the Countryside

  1. Just magical. We have saved every post you guys have posted since we were lucky enough to meet to in India many years ago. When the time is right, we hope to follow in your footsteps.


  2. What a great walk in the country and fabulous pics. Does look a bit chilly! Hope weather improves so you can continue your journey soon. x


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